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    If you adore dogs, being a dog-sitter gives you the opportunity to enjoy having dogs in your life without the commitment and expense of full time dog ownership. For retired people, especially, pet-sitting is a wonderful way of enjoying the companionship of a dog on a part-time basis.

    As a pet-sitter you will enjoy:

    • Companionship of a loveable family dog carefully matched to suit you.
    • Our carers only look after one client’s dog (or both dogs if they have two) at any one time- so you can enjoy him or her to the full.
    • Additional income on a regular basis.
    • The health benefits of regular exercise – plus the bonus that caring for a dog is also good for your emotional wellbeing.
    • Meeting similar minded people whilst out walking and making new friends.
    • Working for a leading, vet recommended firm with plenty of back up and support at hand, whenever you need it.
    • We handle the marketing, finances and paperwork, so you can dedicate your time exclusively to caring for your canine houseguest.
    • JOY, FUN and LAUGHTER!

    If you would like to apply for a position as a carer in Spoiled Rotten Pets then please fill out the carer enquiry form below.

    A few years ago, I was at a crossroads in my life. I had been widowed a few years previously after retiring from work. My children had all flown the nest and started their own families and my beloved 14 year old black lab, Mollie, had died. I didn’t feel I could go through the agonies of losing another dog in the future, but I was not ready to give up on having dogs in my life just yet. And then I saw the Spoiled Rotten Pets carer advertisement in the paper. It took a bit of courage to ring the number, as I had no idea what to expect, but I have never looked back. Since joining Spoiled Rotten Pets over eight years ago, I have looked after many wonderful dogs and made friends with their owners, some of whom I have kept in touch with for many years and even gone to visit after they moved away. Pet-sitting has opened up my life in a wonderful and enjoyable way to lots of love, companionship, fun and laughter. The team in the office do a brilliant job in the office making sure that the dogs they select for me to care for are perfect companions for me. There hasn’t been a bad match yet and I enjoy my regular doggie visitors as much as the arrival of a new dog that I am looking after for the first time. Mary, dog carer (Kingston-Upon-Thames)

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