What Happens Next?


    You send us a completed booking request and, once we have selected a suitable carer from the information you have provided, we will take payment of the booking deposit and confirm the board and carer to you in writing. You then get in touch with the carer to arrange an introductory meeting at the carer's home, as soon as possible after receiving these particulars, to ensure that you are happy with the carer we have selected.

    Can I Meet the Carer in Advance?


    We are different from our competitors in that we insist that our clients meet the carer with their dog at the carer’s home. The reason that we encourage this is because the owner will always be the person who knows his or her dog best and is therefore best placed to assess whether or not the carer we have recommended (and his or her home environment) are ideally suitable.

    What if I am not Satisfied with the Carer You Recommend?


    Our selection of a carer is based on the information you provide in the booking form. It is then at your discretion, and that of the carer, to ensure at the introductory meeting that you are happy with the proposed arrangement. We want you to be delighted with our recommendation so, if you have any reservations whatsoever, we would like you to let us know. Provided that you inform us by contacting the office within three days of the introductory meeting, we will refund your booking deposit in full or, if you prefer, we may be able to offer you an introduction to another carer.

    Can I Pay the Deposit After Meeting the Carer?


    Because of the enormous demand for our service, it is our policy to reserve a carer to a client on a “first come, first served” basis upon payment of the booking deposit.

    Can I Have a Tester or an Overnight Stay?


    We do not recommend overnight stays, as it is in our experience that - almost without exception - a dog will settle in straight away with his carer. As your dog is the only animal at the carer’s home, he is immediately at ease, as he does not have to vie for attention with any other dogs.

    Although, it is extremely unusual, a particularly sensitive dog may take a couple of days to feel completely at home. Such cases are rare. However, a trial stay of fewer than three days (two nights) would simply be distressing for your dog. If you are worried about whether or not your dog will settle in, or if he or she has suffered from separation anxiety in the past, please talk to us about your concerns.

    We would emphasise, however, that it is rare for a dog not to settle in with a Spoiled Rotten Pets carer.

    Is There a Minimum Length of Stay?


    We regret we are unable to accept bookings for fewer than ten days in high season and for fewer than five days out of season.

    Do Your Carers Have Dogs of Their Own?


    Although our carers, have all had dogs of their own in the past, they do not have any pets of their own whilst they work with us. As mentioned already, this enables your dog to settle in very quickly, without the risk of conflict or aggression from other dogs or animals.

    It also means that each carer is able to devote him or herself to caring exclusively for one client’s dog at a time without the anxiety of having to manage and care for multiple dogs in and outside the home. Naturally, if one family has two dogs who normally live together, we place both dogs in the same carer home.

    How Will My Dog be Exercised?


    We prefer to exercise dogs on flexi-leads (especially during a first board whilst the carer gets to know your dog). A dog can behave differently being exercised in new surroundings. If you would prefer your dog to be exercised off the lead, however, you should discuss this with your carer at the introductory meeting. They will ask you to sign a form instructing the carer to exercise your dog off the lead. Whilst boarding with us, your dog will wear an identity tag showing his carer’s contact details.

    What do I Need to Provide for My Dog?


    Your dog will settle in best if you provide us with his lead, bowl, bed and favourite toys, to help maintain his usual home routines. You should also provide sufficient food (including treats) for the duration of his stay.

    Should My Dog be Vaccinated?


    Although your dog will be the only dog in the carer’s home, as he will come into contact with other dogs on walks, we advise you to ensure that your dog is up to date with his boosters, including kennel cough. In addition, we ask that your dog arrives clean and recently treated against fleas, worms and tics.

    Should My Dog be Insured?


    We advise owners to have pet insurance, however, we believe this to be a matter of personal choice for each dog owner.

    Do You Take Puppies?


    Unfortunately, we are generally not able to care for puppies under ten months of age.

    Will You Care for a Dog that has Special Requirements?


    We will usually be able to board a dog that requires a little extra care, such as an older dog or a dog on medication, provided that he is fully continent. However we are not able to care for dogs that are seriously unwell, are infirm or which require nursing or 24 hour supervision. We regret also that we are not able to take dogs with a history of aggression or other serious behavioural problems.

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